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Castle Park was the centre of Fred’s business life for nearly 40 years. The area was devastated in 1940 during the Blitz, and Fred’s photos provide an invaluable record of the Dutch House, St Peter's Church and Hospital, Mary-le-Port Church and Street – and the last remains of the Castle itself.

In common with many Edwardian photographers, Fred recorded street scenes – these cards were always guaranteed sellers. Some views, such as Christmas Steps, have changed very little. Others, like Aldersky Lane and Mary-le-Port Street, have disappeared forever.

Among the finest examples of Fred’s work are his photographs of local fires (seen in the 'Fire!' section). Early Edwardian cards of this kind were full of high drama, featuring stylised images of massive flames. Before newspapers were able to publish photographs, such postcards were a cheap way of seeing the event for yourself if you missed the action. A big Edwardian fire always drew thousands of spectators and Fred’s postcards made a perfect souvenir.

The 'Pubs' section contains not only Fred’s work but also earlier Victorian-era photographs which he copied and issued as postcards. Fred was aware that many historic buildings were being gutted, rebuilt or demolished, and he made photographic records of many city centre pubs. Long before the destruction of World War II and post-war rebuilding, the medieval history of Bristol’s city centre was becoming lost in the developments of the 1920s and ’30s.

Fred also issued alot of cards that were copied from earlier Victorian photographs, paintings & engravings, they can be seen by clicking the photo link below...

fredlittle.co.uk is part of a long term resource project to catalogue & record the photographic output of Fred Little. This website is a non commercial local history resource and does not sell reproductions or prints.

Fred Little

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