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Bristol in Old Photographs From The Fred Little Collection by Della Moorcroft & Neil Campbell-Sharp, Alan Sutton Publishing, 1989. Unfortunately the only main source for printed Little photographs is now out of print, it can be often be found for sale on Ebay.

The History of St Peters Church (City), Bristol by Arthur W Little & Fred Little, 1899.

Reece Winstone - ‘Bristol As it Was’ series, many volumes feature Little's photographs.

Bristol 1901-1913, John Lyes, Bristol Branch of Historical Association, 2002.

Castle Park Before the Blitz, Maurice Bye, Tempus 2003.

Broadmead, Mike Hooper, Tempus 2004.

St Peters Hospital, JJ Simpson, Transactions of the Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaelogoical Society, nd.

Old Inns of Bristol, C.J.W. Dening, John Wright & Sons, 1944.

Bristol Times & Mirror / Western Daily Press / Bristol Evening Post.



Staff at Bristol Central Reference Library & Records Office, Andrew Palmer, Lionel Reeves, Andrew Swift and Pat Reid.

March 2014


fredlittle.co.uk is part of a long term resource project to catalogue & record the photographic output of Fred Little. We would like to hear from anyone who can further our knowledge about his business / family & would be especially interested in any direct photographic materials (glass plate negatives etc) connected with his work.

This website is a non commercial local history resource and does not sell any reproductions or prints.

Fred Little

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